Monday, February 27, 2006

FO: Bunny Hat

I knit the bunny hat for the SO's brand new niece (as requested by her Mom). This was knit in the larger size using Rowan Wool Cotton with embroidery done in Lion Brand MicroSpun.

It was an easy project and I'd probably make it again, except that I hate, hate! embroidery. It's over now.

Pattern mods: There's a small mistake in the instructions for the larger size. Also, I knit the ears in the round using half-assed two-colour stranding to keep the brown yarn in play while knitting the pink section. I like the way the ears turned out; they're stiffer than in the original pattern, which looked like crap when sewn together.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Baby blanket

This is my second start on this blanket (using KnitPicks Merino Style). It started out as a Big Bad Baby blanket variant, but then I got bored. A couple of baby sweaters I made recently (which I'll post once they're finished) were done in stockinette. I'm tired of stockinette.

So I changed the red panel to Berry stitch from Walker's Second Treasury. It's hard to see the detail in this photo, but it looks really cute. About 30 rows in however, I found that the stockinette/reverse stockinette sections were too stiff to work well with the Berry stitch. Arrgh.

After a few evenings of head pounding, I found a scarf pattern in Odd Ball Knitting (a gift from the SO's sister) done in Bamboo rib. It produces a flexible yet dense fabric that contrasts nicely with the berries. I'll post updates once I switch to the next colour set.