Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celtic Knot Project Installment #3

Right and Left Facing Hearts on a Wide Rib Panel

Here's the swatch.

I quite like this one, I think it would make nice panels on the sides of a sweater knitted in a fingering weight yarn so they're not so wide, or together as a center panel. On the left is the right facing heart panel, and on the right is the left facing heart panel. The right facing heart was charted from Sheila Sturrock's Celtic Knotwork Handbook, from a panel on page 28, chapter 3 panel number 2. To satisfy my deep-seated need for symmetry, I charted an opposite-facing panel as well. This sample was knitted in Wolle Roedel Soft Merino, and the charts are presented separately. Immediately below is the chart for the right facing heart panel,
and here is the chart for the left facing heart panel.

Refer to the legend link at the upper left (under the Celtic Knot Project sidebar item) to figure out what these symbols mean. Now for a few words on the charts:
1. These panels start as 18 stitches wide, grow to be 26 stitches wide with the increases on set up rows o1 and o3 and repeat rows 1 and 3, then narrow to 18 stitches with the decreases on repeat rows 19 and 20, and finishing rows F23 and F24.
2. Rows o1-04 are set up rows. Knit them once, continue through the pattern repeat rows 1-24 as many times as you like, but on the last repeat finish with rows F23 and F24 instead of 23 and 24.
3. The swatch above was made by placing the charts for the right and left facing heart panels side by side. I knit rows o1-o4 once, rows 1-24 once, rows 1-22 once, and rows F23 and F24 once.

Have fun swatching!


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