Friday, December 16, 2005

Some new pictures!

So here I am, ready to leave town, and I realized that I haven't blogged in ages!
I finished the Branching out from Knitty
in the leftover Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks that I made my grandmother's shawl out of.
I reall like the way it looks, but if I'd had more time, I would have added a pointy edging to the top and bottom edges. It wasn't super easy like the leaf lace or cobweb shawls, but once I got going it went wuickly enough.

And here's a picture of the newest mom in my family wearing the baby shawl/blanket that I completed just in time for the baby shower. This picture was taken at the baby shower. It's the leaf lace shawl from Fiber Trends, and as you can see, it's not very big. I went one repeat over the smallest size. If I make it for myself, I'll make a large one 'cause I like my shawls to be BIG.

Has anyone checked out the Fall 2005 Vogue knitting? Lovely shawl patterns... I'm particularly drawn to the green wavy lace one, knitted out of 10 balls of cashmere (patttern #15). But seriously folks... CASHMERE ?!!? I know it's luxury and wonderful and all that stuff, but when you do the math, it turns out to be a nearly $400 shawl and you still have to put the labor in!
I think the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes will be a reasonable substitute, they certainly have the color choice (I'm thinking Fern) and at $1.79 a ball for 110 yards I'll need about 15-16 balls so that's a less than $40 project. Yikes!

And I also love the Holiday 2005 issue with the victorian-inspired glam and stuff, but it'll have to wait. Sigh. Back to the thesis...


Monday, December 05, 2005

Only 20 days to finish...

Those Christmas knitting projects! So far, I've temporarily turfed the Spanish Peacock Shawl from a Gathering of lace, because I ran out of yarn AGAIN! Waah! It will definitely have to wait till the new year. I'm still working on the Flower Basket Shawl for baby #2, and I'm about 40% there. I've started a Branching Out for a good friend out of the leftover Alpaca Cloud, and I've started a Kiri for myself, because I deserve something nice too, don't I? Well, I've got lots to do and not enough time, as usual, not to mention that end-of-term marking. Yuck. Well, best of luck to Delenn, who is now in beatiful San Francisco, good luck at the conference!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just a quick one...

Just had to say that sometimes students really suck. It seems like the whiniest ones who suck up all your time are the ones who need it the least because all the do is run away and squander your advice with their whiny attention getting ways. It's the ones who never come to you for help, but who you know almost almost get it from the work that they hand in to you that break your heart. I know I need to not think this way in order to get through, but really, the whole process of marking and evaluation is just making me cry right now. Really it is. I guess that's kind of sad. Maybe I need to find another line of work.

On a knitting related note, I am working up the trim on this manos vest that I've been making for many many months now, and I am really just loving the way it's looking. As soon as I find my camera cable, I promise a pic. I'll look when I'm not totally dead dead tired. I am quite proud of this one, and I have just the outfit to wear it with. I've also been working on a beaded cabled hat. I'm not so sure about the yarn (which is variegated) and the cables ... that's generally a no no. I'm really enjoying the way the beads are all going in.

Oh yeah ... I always thought about doing something like this, but never had the real burning urge, the attention span, or the guts. Not to mention the sense of humour. Check out You Knit What. I laughed for hours last Friday at some of the selections they had. Hopefully I never see any of my stuff there, but if I do I hope I have the good sense to take it with humour.

Cheers. I must tumble to bed now ... after I cast off this neckline!


Kids these days...

So I went to an informal seminar talk given by a junior graduate student in my area of experimental physics. In this talk (which was mostly mumbling I might add) some graphs were presented displaying some very nice power-law scalings for a couple of runs. But as far as I could see there were no error bars on the experimentally measured data points, and no uncertainties expressed in the power-law scaling relations. I asked him about it during the questions and he gave an uncertainty of less than 10% which is pretty darned good. To get an error of less than 10% is difficult in most experiments and worth advertising. Anyways, after the talk he said "Count on you to ask about technica details". I was stunned. Measurement uncertainties are a TECHNICAL DETAIL? For an EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICIST? Shame... Shame... Kids these days... what can ya do?


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Leaf Lace Shawl/Baby Blanket Done!

Whew! It's done just in time for the baby shower. It is Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl, knit in KnitPicks Sock Garden in color Hollyberry, on size 6 (US) needles. I did one extra repeat over the small size. And the edges DO NOT curl! I followed the advice on yahoo's Lace for All Seasons group for the Kiri ( ) edging and used a bigger US 8 needle for the bind off. I'll be making Kiri after I'm done the Fiber Trends Flower Basket Shawl for baby blanket #2. My cousin's wife is having twins, but they'll have to wait till Christmas for the second shawl/baby blanket. Luckily this one was pretty easy, I honestly did not break a sweat knitting this one until the edging, because I was running out of time, however it's not my fault, the babies are being delivered a couple of weeks early with a caesarian section. This was a 3-4 week on and off the kneedles project, and completely gratifying to block. I know I complained earlier about the fabric seeming too tight, but after the pre-blocking wash and soak, it expanded very nicely. It had a lot of stretch, and still has some spring in it yet! I didn't block the cr*p out of it because it is a baby blanket and not an adult shawl. I shouldn't be surprised by the blocking of a shawl at my current level of experience, but it was like, wow.


Thursday, November 17, 2005


I finally finished "Childhood" from Knitty. I used Lemongrass and Maize Mission Falls cotton. Unfortunately, since I'm a bit of a n00b, the finished dimensions didn't really work out. The striped bands at the front are supposed to overlap. If I did that, I think that I would end up choking my friend's baby. So I found some metal clasps and I think that it still looks pretty nice. I think that it ended up longer than it was wide since the pattern asks you to knit for a certain length before shaping the armholes. Clearly I screwed up the gauge across. Oh, well... For a first attempt at something with pieces that I had to sew together, I'm pretty happy with the result.


Friday, November 11, 2005

A tiny emerald whelpling ate my post

Okay ... the title here probably doesn't make much sense, but I'll just say that it has something to do with this computer game that I play. In my spare time, I like to knit, but I also like to play video games and sadly the two are often mutually exclusive since they both keep my hands occupied. Anyway, I've been promising Susan for a week now that I am going to post something, and time has been ticking ticking ticking, and still nothing is posted.

Let me say that I am not the lace knitter that Susan there is. I'm a bit more of a knit whatever strikes my fancy as long as it's challenging. I have a lace project to post as soon as it's blocked ... it's the Charlotte's web shawl. I'll also be working away at the Lotus Blossom shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting real soon now. I'm also quite the texture knitter. In fact, cables are really my first love and I'm currently working on a project called Ragna (I think) from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knitting book. I just love it, but because I've chosen to work it in a dark purple tweed, I am not too sure that it will come out very well in a photograph. I will have to work on that to share with the rest of you.

One thing that I do have to share is a garter stitch entrelac scarf that I've been working on. Unfortunately, the cable that lets me download pictures from my camera has gone AWOL, and I have to give up on finding it at this time of night. I promise to share that one soon. It's not a complicated project, but I really like the effect with the Noro Kureyon that I am using.

All right ... there's some knitting content. :) I'll put some pretty pictures up to back it up very soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leafy Progress

Well, I kept at the leaf lace and here it is at 6 pattern row repeats, being stretched like crazy. For those of you out there is blogland who would like to know, the yarn is KnitPicks Sock Garden in color Hollyberry. It is SO soft, if I could eat yarn, I would eat it up! Just 6 more repeats to go! Yay progress!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The frustrating heap

This shawl is a frustrating heap. Argh. I feel like I've been knitting it FOREVER, and it's still not done! It's the Spanish Peacock shawl I mentioned previously, and I'm running out of Knitpicks Shimmer yarn! The pattern lied! Or the yarn manufacturer lied! Or both! This is just completely representative of my life. Writing is frustrating. Applying for jobs and not hearing a thing is frustrating. Not being able to complain about the boss cause he's being so darned NICE is frustrating. Teaching a subject near and dear to my heart and watching those damn undergraduates botch it up is frustrating. My escape shouldn't be, damnit! Grrrr...


Monday, November 07, 2005

Just started a leafy lace shawl

I started this shortly after blocking the black stole. It's the Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark (Fiber Trends) and it gets big pretty quickly, this weekend I had to go out and buy new needles because my long Denise cables are all being used for the Spanish Peacock Shawl (a Gathering of Lace) and it is a behemoth! 2000+ sitches so far! I can't wait to see yours Delenn, when you start it 'cause you're using a lace weight yarn and I'm using a fingering weight yarn. If I hadn't gottten so far by now (I'm at 4 pattern repeats, only 8 to go!) I'd have gone up a needle size or two because the fabric is a little tight for my liking. Not very lacy...


Thursday, November 03, 2005

A new FO

I finally finished another shawl a couple of nights ago. This one took a few months to finish, it is made from KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud color Midnight ( and I used 3 hanks. I like this yarn because the shawl drapes very nicely and you just can't beat the price for Alpaca laceweight. Unfortunately the yarn is not very color fast because the blocking bath water turned black! And the yarn has a tendency to split on the needles but it's not noticeable after blocking. The pattern is my own design. I'll give it for free if anyone asks, but be warned. This free shawl knitting pattern has a couple of mistakes I fixed on the fly and it's construction in an Excel spreadsheet is not very professional.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Berry Cute?

Well, I'm not an advanced lace knitter like you Susan, but I did manage to knit up a cute baby hat. I didn't use a pattern... Just size 7 circular needles and Mission Falls Merlot and Wintergreen... Which (Sadly, I might add) have both been discontinued. I guess when I was carrying the yarn behind, I didn't leave enough slack, which caused the leaves to pucker. Although unintentional, I think that it makes it look more like an actual strawberry.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The word of the day is...

Respect! I went to the lab and what did I find? My apparatus in a HEAP! Some assw*pe decided to take apart my experiment without asking, and this godforsaken mess will take days (if not weeks) to fix. The lack of respect that some group members show others is unnacceptable, and I'm not going to take it any more! Heads are gonna roll... Ain't the life of a lowly graduate student grand? ;)


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Another Shawl

I also knit up the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen.
I used three balls of Madil Kid Seta in White, and it was very challenging. My advice is USE STITCH MARKERS. I didn't, and I had a harder time because of it. I also found the beechleaf edging was a pain to knit, but it does look nice. Unfortunately it didn't turn out big enough (the diameter was only 5 feet) and I like my shawls to be much bigger, so I gave it away to a smaller friend!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

It seems I only knit lace these days...

Here is a photo of a shawl I finished just in time for a formal event... must cover those massive shoulders! I really enjoyed knitting it, it was a very relaxing project, and it inspired me to knit 3 more lace shawls, two currently on the needles.The pattern is called Cobweb, by Emma Crew and can be found at
I used three balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino in color Berry (4672). I think it's a great beginner-lace project!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hello World Part II

I see your post Samantha! Hopefully you will see mine as well...

First Post

Greetings world. This is mostly a test post to see how this particular species of blog works. Expect more later.


Incidentally, I'm not seeing this pop. I'm gonna assume they need to check the name but ... sheesh. Put it up!