Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just a quick one...

Just had to say that sometimes students really suck. It seems like the whiniest ones who suck up all your time are the ones who need it the least because all the do is run away and squander your advice with their whiny attention getting ways. It's the ones who never come to you for help, but who you know almost almost get it from the work that they hand in to you that break your heart. I know I need to not think this way in order to get through, but really, the whole process of marking and evaluation is just making me cry right now. Really it is. I guess that's kind of sad. Maybe I need to find another line of work.

On a knitting related note, I am working up the trim on this manos vest that I've been making for many many months now, and I am really just loving the way it's looking. As soon as I find my camera cable, I promise a pic. I'll look when I'm not totally dead dead tired. I am quite proud of this one, and I have just the outfit to wear it with. I've also been working on a beaded cabled hat. I'm not so sure about the yarn (which is variegated) and the cables ... that's generally a no no. I'm really enjoying the way the beads are all going in.

Oh yeah ... I always thought about doing something like this, but never had the real burning urge, the attention span, or the guts. Not to mention the sense of humour. Check out You Knit What. I laughed for hours last Friday at some of the selections they had. Hopefully I never see any of my stuff there, but if I do I hope I have the good sense to take it with humour.

Cheers. I must tumble to bed now ... after I cast off this neckline!


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IvanovaKnits said...

Hey Samantha
Thanks for linking the You Knit What site. It is completely hilarious, you have made my cr*p-*ss day hilarious!