Friday, November 11, 2005

A tiny emerald whelpling ate my post

Okay ... the title here probably doesn't make much sense, but I'll just say that it has something to do with this computer game that I play. In my spare time, I like to knit, but I also like to play video games and sadly the two are often mutually exclusive since they both keep my hands occupied. Anyway, I've been promising Susan for a week now that I am going to post something, and time has been ticking ticking ticking, and still nothing is posted.

Let me say that I am not the lace knitter that Susan there is. I'm a bit more of a knit whatever strikes my fancy as long as it's challenging. I have a lace project to post as soon as it's blocked ... it's the Charlotte's web shawl. I'll also be working away at the Lotus Blossom shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting real soon now. I'm also quite the texture knitter. In fact, cables are really my first love and I'm currently working on a project called Ragna (I think) from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knitting book. I just love it, but because I've chosen to work it in a dark purple tweed, I am not too sure that it will come out very well in a photograph. I will have to work on that to share with the rest of you.

One thing that I do have to share is a garter stitch entrelac scarf that I've been working on. Unfortunately, the cable that lets me download pictures from my camera has gone AWOL, and I have to give up on finding it at this time of night. I promise to share that one soon. It's not a complicated project, but I really like the effect with the Noro Kureyon that I am using.

All right ... there's some knitting content. :) I'll put some pretty pictures up to back it up very soon.

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