Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The frustrating heap

This shawl is a frustrating heap. Argh. I feel like I've been knitting it FOREVER, and it's still not done! It's the Spanish Peacock shawl I mentioned previously, and I'm running out of Knitpicks Shimmer yarn! The pattern lied! Or the yarn manufacturer lied! Or both! This is just completely representative of my life. Writing is frustrating. Applying for jobs and not hearing a thing is frustrating. Not being able to complain about the boss cause he's being so darned NICE is frustrating. Teaching a subject near and dear to my heart and watching those damn undergraduates botch it up is frustrating. My escape shouldn't be, damnit! Grrrr...



delennknits said...

Hey Susan,

Life certainly is frustrating. So is spam... So I have enabled the word verification.


Julie said...

All kinds of things can happen with lace -- maybe you should just get another skein of your yarn, hope for a good dye-lot match, and continue. Meg Swansen's Shetland laceweight is actually a heavier yarn than Shimmer,so it would seem you should have had enough. However, she does mention knitting by the seat of her pants and keeping sketchy notes, so who knows?