Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can we say procrastination?

I'm still plugging away at the lace and cables capelet, but it's so darned big, and the cables are kind of boring, so I've been seriously procrastinating. I put the mystery project on hold, and I'm halfway through swatching the next Celtic Knot Project installment. And I'm working on a top secret project, i.e. one I want to submit to an online knitting magazine in the future, so I can't blog about it in any detail, but the sleeves are p*ss*ng me off, so I'll probably have to recalculate and frog. Bah. So instead I'm procrastinating by planning future projects. I got row gauge (but not stitch gauge) for Delenn's gift using the Rowan 4ply cotton that just arrived in the mail, but that's really all I get to say because it's a gift. Oh, and I'll have to do some math, oh well. Thank goodness for fiber insurance! I learned my lesson with Menja.

I'm also planning what to do with some GOEGEOUS Hand Maiden 4 ply Silk Cashmere Delenn gave me for Christmas. Really, you're too kind! 340 meters of this beautiful handpaint.
I figure the best purpose for it is... surprise surprise... a lace shawl, specifically the Shetland Triangle Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark from Wrap Style. Take a peek at brooklyntweed's version - I must have it, and have been gifted with a georgeous yarn that should work with it. I like the way handpaints undulate with this style of wavy lave patterns. And two of my favourite colors together - Delenn you know me too well!

Now yardage may be a problem... I like my shawls as big as possible, and the beauty of this style of top-down shawl pattern is that you just keep on going till you are happy with the size... so I have decided that if I run out I can pair it with some Schachenmayr Nomotto DK weight Alpaka that has been sitting in the stash since the winter. Here they are nestled together.
I think it'll work! I can only cast on for this once I have finished that darned lace and cables capelet! Can we say finishitis? Well, back to the seminar I have to give tomorrow! Eeep!


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