Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eva is done!

Well, here she is!
I am quite pleased with the results, even though I'd make a couple of small changes if I were to make her again.
Pattern: Eva, my own design
Cable panels from Viking Patterns for Knitting by Elsebeth Lavold, instructions adapted from the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd, for a set-in sleeve sweater.
Yarn: Cuffs, hem, button bands and collar: Noro Silk Garden color 201. The rest: Kilcarra of Donegal Irish Tweed, in a blue color (two blues spun together) with cranberry flecks.
What would I do differently, seeing as this was my own experiment? I would have made the sleeves a touch longer. Like 1/2 an inch, or 3 or 4 rows. I'm sure I can block them a bit longer in the next washing though. I think it still looks acceptable though. I would have also made the shawl collar a touch wider. It creeps up a bit, and I keep on pulling it down in place. I guess I'll have to tack it down with the leftovers of the Silk Garden. But this is a flattering fitting sweater, and had none of the sleeve cap issues that Ingrid had. I guess we do learn from our mistakes! Here's the modelled shot.
Not a great shot, but you get the picture. I'll arrange for a better one when I'm feeling less sick, and when my husband isin't out running my errands. Now in a fit of indicisiveness over which project to plow through and finish, and which one to start next, I made a hat out of some of the leftovers from Eva.
This is the Ragna Cap from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting.
Modifications: My row gauge was way off, and there was no way 5 cable panel repeats would fit around my head, so I knit 8 repeats before casting off and grafting the panel ends together. Then I knit the hat in the round, where the instructions say to knit it flat and seam it up. But I kept the same number of stitches and rows for the crown (minus the 2 selvedge stitches) so maybe I should have looked up the errata for this one. Either way, it fits my head pretty well!
Now I have a sort of matching sweater and hat set!



Sus said...

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done!

tiennie said...

Followed you over from the tweeding along blog. Your knits are beautiful! Love the cables.