Monday, August 27, 2007

Who knew

That I can sew? Here's my latest non-knitted fo:
sorry about the craptacular picture, I'll arrange for a better one (with me in it) soon.
Pattern: Misses Medieval Dress, Butterick B4827
Fabric: Light/Medium weight 100 % linen. I can't tell which, and the store didn't say either on their rack of linens and linen blends.
Mods: I shortened the pattern above the waist and around the knee because I'm short. I figured out where to shorten the pattern my making a muslin mock-up and having my husband pin it up until he was satisfied with the fit. (Surprise surprise, he likes it when I'm not wearing baggy clothes!)
Comments: The pattern instructions are clear and the garment is quite comfortable. I may make a winter one out of wool, depending on how many medieval festivals I go to.
Bonus: I finished it in the nick of time for yesterday's medieval festival!

There was your usual assortment of bards...
vendors and the like. I found a LOT of fiber arts booths, including a medieval LYS!
This is where the DH threatened to send me if I bought too much yarn...
I did buy some yarn, but not for me! I will post more later... If you're thinking blog contest, you are correct.
There were also horse shows with jousting...
but it was too crowded and I couldn't see much, so instead I looked at the pretty horse costumes. This one, unlike the others I went to, was in the central core of an old small city, so there was more touristy stuff than genuine reproduction articles. I found NO pennanular rings and NO period shoes. My costume isn't complete without the shoes! I guess I'll just have to go to the next one...

I also love the bands that play at these things. They're like heavy metal bands playing on medieval instruments, and are very fun to watch. And the music is inherently more listenable than your usual thrash metal blasted way too loud!
These guys played at several times throughout the day. They look like they're all ready for the dark ages or something. One of the people I was with nicknamed them 'Conan and the Barbarians'! Now that the sewing is done, it's time to knit knit knit!


thraceknits said...

Those crazy Germans sure now how to festival. How about a picture of you wearing the dress?

IvanovaKnits said...

I know, there's about 2 or 3 of these things EVERY WEEKEND! I watched Tristan and Isolde yesterday and had the idea of adding some trim to the dress to liven it up a bit. ALL of Isolde's dresses were this general style but with beading or trims. Gorgeous! But the DH says to stick to the kiss principle so I'm still trying to decide. I'll definitely have a picture taken at the next one, sometime in September.