Sunday, June 01, 2008

The baby pinwheel is (almost) done!

I went to Berlin a few weekends ago, and got lots of knitting done on the train. Even took the wrong one by accident (right platform, right time, wrong train? Guess it happens...) which increased the knitting time by 1/3. Ooops!

I went to many places, and even did some shopping. I love Berlin. I ate great food cheap, had some very nice wine at a Parisian-style wine bar in Kreuzberg, went to a goth bar which reminded me of the 'good-old-days' more than 10 years ago, and went to the very popular and famous Festival of Cultures.
There were loads and loads of people. It was so crowded that I couldn't feasibly sample any of the cultural wares or foods, so me and my friend left after only an hour. It was extremely hot and sunny so all that standing around and slowly inching forward was not very fun and made our feet hurt. And all of the sun/heat/crowding makes for grumpy children.
Very. Grumpy. Children.

All of that knitting made my hands hurt.
Ouch! I need to hurry it up because the kid is already born. It's a boy, so I'm somewhat glad I chose dark colors for this.
Overall the pattern (from Elann's website) was pretty easy, but the place where I added the sleeves has a discontinuity in the garter stitch pattern. I'll have to keep an eye on it when I make my full-sized version. I also decided I liked the picot bind-off better than bobbles, so I ripped back the pinwheel bind-off, extended the length of the sweater (it now has a radius of 15 inches instead of 12 inches) and made a 4-stitch picot bind-off following the instructions on Knitty's techniques pages, which I linked to in a previous post. Now I need to weave in 8 thousand ends. Yuck. I know now why I never do colorwork; I HATE weaving in ends! HATE HATE HATE! I'll have to do that this week, and send it off to it's new home!
Here's a gratuitous close-up of the bind-off edge.


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