Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dragging my feet

It really does take me forever to finish an adult-sized sweater. I started Arwen in September 2007. Machine knitting the stockinette parts on the LK-150 (tension dial set to 6.5) went quickly enough. Unfortunately, the sleeves turned out too narrow to be comfortable with a long-sleeved shirt under the sweater. Since I had planned the sweater as an outdoor jacket, this wasn't going to be acceptable.

Over the winter, I fixed the sleeves in fits (unpicked cast-on and bind-off edges) and starts (added additional short rows to widen the sleeves). I've been pushing to finish this in time for fall; I even took the final cable panel on our backpack in the Uintas last weekend. Knitting by a pristine alpine lake is an experience.

I think it finally turned out well: I really like McTaggart Tweed for rugged, warm sweaters. I'll post modeling photos once it's dry and I stitch up the hems.


IvanovaKnits said...

Nice! Model it!

KimT said...

looks great!

thraceknits said...

Thank you! I've got some photos I'll post ASAP.

Mrs. J. said...

You combine machine knitting and hand knitting? Wow! I've been thinking about that, wondering if it could be done (how do you match gauge, can handknitting yarns stand machine treatment), but I've never come across someone who actually does it!
Tips and tricks would be appreciated!
Looking forward to your FO photos.
(who came across this blog for the first time today, after searching "knitting cable celtic")