Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finally an FO

I'm behind in blogging by a couple of months. In August, I finally finished sewing up the hem facings on Arwen (Ravelry project link). A good steam blocking smoothed out the bottom of the sweater nicely. It also caused the bottom to stretch out a bit, but I'm sure with a few wearings everything will even out nicely.

The finished product is big and warm, which is very welcome now that there's snow. The cables look really good knit up in McTaggart Tweed and the stockinette portions fluffed up and bloomed nicely with blocking.

The colour isn't something I'd normally choose for myself, however I also feel like I've fallen into a colour rut. The light blue-green is good because it's unsaturated enough to be a neutral colour when warn with most of the dark cool colours I normally wear. I'm also starting to like the look of tweedy yarns. Either way, Arwen will bring some much-needed diversity to my wardrobe.


IvanovaKnits said...

Oooh!I'm so jealous! It looks snuggly and warm.

thraceknits said...

It is!

Alex said...

This is beautiful, but it makes me very sad. I bought the magazine with this pattern JUST for this cable, and it got lost in my move. Now I desperately want the chart again! It's so beautiful, and it's reversible! Do you know of any other reversible celtic knot patterns?
Thanks for your lovely blog.