Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When life kicks your ass, knit socks!

I finished another couple of shawls recently and I have a sweater languishing in my project bag, but I can't seem to focus on anything bigger than a sock at the moment.

pomatomus beginning

Forest Canopy (ravelry link) and the Fountain Pen shawl (ravelry link) were very quick knits.

Fountain Pen got debuted at a friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago. If I can find a photo of it in action, I'll post it. Oh yes, and Handmaiden Mini Maiden is like yarn crack. I'm definitely going to use it again.

fountain pen

Here's Ricky inspecting Forest Canopy.

forest canopy

I knit this out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd worsted, which makes it a warm and sturdy, yet soft wrap for my chilly office. Also, it's cold out again.

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Lanafactrix said...

I'm using Mini Maiden that a friend sent me for a shawl right now. You're right . . . it could be dangerous.