Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FO: baby sweaters

The baby sweaters for the cousin's babies are finally done. They languished while waiting for a high-performance computing course to end (painful!), zippers to be inserted and ends to be woven in. They're only about 7 months late.

From a distance:

And closeup:


The pattern is Baby's First Tattoo out of Stitch 'n Bitch Nation in the 18 month old size.


KnitPicks Merino Style and Plymouth Alpaca Boucle from the LYS for the border detail (replaces seed stitch in original pattern) on US 5 needles.


The original pattern calls for Rowan 4-Ply Soft, which is a fingering weight yarn. I did most of the work on these over the winter break and was impatient, so I decided to go with a larger gauge yarn. I used the pattern dimensions as a guide to recalculate row/stitch counts in DK gauge.
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IvanovaKnits said...

Those are AWESOME...lucky babies! BTW, I finished the baby blanket, will post pics soon.