Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trellis WIP and Finished Sweater

So here I am a week later, and I have finished the back of Trellis, from Knitty. It is very cute, and such small garments really do go faster! I am making the 12-month size, out if Wolle Roedel's Soft-Merino, superwash aran weight 100 % merino wool. My opinion of the yarn? I haven't tried a lot of baby or superwash wools or wool blends, I've only ever used the Mission Falls superwash merino wool for a hat. This stuff is more loosely spun, so it's a bit of a pain in the butt, as it splits more easily. Then again, I think I am too hard on plied fibers, and my preference is clearly for single ply fibers. On the other hand, I think it is definitely softer and hairier than the Mission Fals, so it will be a very luxurious feeling baby sweater. I'd be tempted to make a sweater out of it for myself... Let's do the math. Approx 1800 yards /110 yards per ball = 17 balls * 3.50 euros/ball = 60 euros. Ouch. Never mind :).

Here is a picture of my finished sweater, modelled by me, with my face scribbeled out to ensure anonymity. Not bad, eh? The sleeves are a bit long, but everything else is perfect. Good size, exactly the look I wanted, and the yarn (Kilcarra of Donegal Tweed) has softened up very nicely with a wash and a rinse with conditioner. Nice drape, I will definitely use this yarn as an aran weight staple. Let's compare this with the planning sketch...
Not bad, eh? I intend to write up this pattern in a couple more sizes, with a petite and normal
length. This sweater came out at 41 inches accross the chest.Would anyone out there be interested in trying it out? I will not pay for the yarn required to test knit this pattern.


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