Friday, October 20, 2006

Yay! Happy Birthday to us!

I second the motion, Delenn, to be better about posting. So while I am not posting about knitting, I will be poting very soon because I am nearly finished my original purple tweed sweater, as well as Menja. I will post about them in the very near future, I promise. So instead, I thought I'd finally post a few photos of the city where I am living. It is quite old, some of the buildings date to the 13th century, although very few of them. The Grimm brothers lectured at the University in town, so people around here like to think that some of the stories were inspired by nearby events and locations. My husband and I took a walk around the old town wall, and I snapped a few photos of scenery I thought was especially pretty.
Here is a rooftop view of an old church taken from one of the highest points of the wall.
My husband pointed out that the wall which was facing the general direction of France was much higher and more substantial than the sides facing other areas !
This is a view of a part of the botanical gardens. I thought it looked kindof fairy-tale-ish, with the big old house, fountain, and many clear plastic bags in the pond. What's up with that?
This is an alternate view of the church (in the first photo) taken from behind some pretty foliage. This city is very green, and there were beautiful gardens everywhere. Now it is quite cold, but not as cold as what some of you blog co-authors are experiencing! So I am knitting away on the sweaters because I need them! Happy birthday to us!


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