Sunday, May 06, 2007


So here I am, finishing the collar on the VK Holiday 06 Lace and Cables Capelet, and I realized that I'm not even at the halfway point, illustrated below with the yellow line, and I'm going to run out of yarn!!!
Here's what I've got left...
I apologize for overexposing this picture with software, but you can really see that I have less than 50 yards here. Grrr... and, to make matters worse, THIS IS MY FIBER INSURANCE! I had 150 yards of FI, and I'm not going to make it. This SUCKS. There are 2 things holding me back from getting another ball, and just finishing.

1. I don't like the collar. The cables are poofy and sloppy looking. I like my cables smaller and neater. And it's really no fun to slip 8 stitches onto a cable needle, hold them to the front/back, knit 7 off the left needle, slip one purl stitch onto the left needle and wrench needles and yarn to purl it, then wrench the cable needle to the knitting position and then knit them. Yuck. Very nerve wracking. I now know I'm NOT a fan of the 15 st LC or RC.

2. I will not have more yarn taking up room in the stash.

So what am I going to do? I have to rip the collar, and re-knit it. I could do a simple seed-stitch shawl collar, which is easy and won't use too much yarn, or I could knit the collar up to the point where many stitches are added to turn the giant horseshoe cable into left and right twist cables, and not increase, keeping the giant horseshoe cables as they are. But I will probably still run out of yarn with that option. Or I could put it on hold till I get myself an instructional book on how to knit neat collars and cuffs. Any suggestions on that? I hate it when commercial patterns don't give accurate yarn quiantitites!


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