Sunday, May 13, 2007

More yarn misadventures

Last week I reported my frustration at running out of yarn when I wasn't even halfway through the collar from Vogue Knitting's Lace and Cables Capelet (Holiday 2006). I was very tempted to throw it in the stash box and ignore it for several months, but Thrace urged me to find another cable panel and complete the darned thing. I followed her advice, and perused my numerous stitch dictionaries, and settled on "Mr. Ziggs" from the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 2: Cables. (Aside: I would hardly call it the "ultimate" cable stitch dictionary as the sub-title implies, but there are some unusual ones in there. I think that's why I chose Ziggs, it's not your usual aran-style cable. And what's up with the names?) Anyways here it is...
Not so bad... I think it goes OK with the style of the capelet. Here's a closeup.
Now for the misadventure part? I made it across the back, and I have MAYBE 5 yards left! I'm working a cable that's less than half the width of the original collar at its' widest point and I still don't have enough yarn! Waah! This truly sucks. But, I know what Thrace would say: "Finish the damn thing and be done with it! And enjoy it because summer is at best a month away." Okay I'm paraphrasing, but you get the picture. So tonight I'm going to rip rip rip, and probably knit on a plain as can be twisted rope cable (or something along those lines) that's no more than 10 stitches wide, and finish the darned thing. In a fit of frustration, last night I charted AND knit another celtic knot cable, which I'll be posting next. Harrumph.


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