Saturday, July 07, 2007


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We got this rating because one of us used the word `crappy'. Whoops! There it is again. Crap. Man, talk about hyper-sensitivity to colorful language. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it derives from the Middle Englise crappe which was derived from the Latin crappa, which basically means chaff. Would crappa get a G-rating I wonder?

Anyways, the knitting is slow but coming along. I'm super busy, so I have no time to run around the house snapping photos of what's on the needles, and my 2 inches of progress is boring anyways. I have enough time lately to knit, like, 2 rows before bed. But I am planning my craft time for the fall, post beam-time, and I have obtained a sewing machine on loan from a graduate student in my research group, and I have just placed an online order to Butterick for
this pattern. I think it will fill that gap in my wardrobe that requires a Druscilla dress or two to fill it.


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