Tuesday, March 21, 2006


There, I released my barbaric yargh. Fans of Dead Poets Society anyone? Anyways,
I am swamped. Here is my progress so far...
1. Thesis: 2.5 Chapters to go
2. Job for when I'm done: Check
3. Preparing defense: No
4. Submitted Publication (that's been hangin' around for nearly a year (!)): No
5. Taxes: No

Finished objects since last post: 2. The cute mini-sweater from VK International (August 05)
and some cabled Armwarmers made from Lamb's Pride Worsted. I did them so it was a small project to try out LPW, and my conclusions are: a) it is a joy to knit with, b) it's itchy!

Now for my knitting progress, on the needles:
1. Flirty (Rowan Summer 2005 (number 37 I think)). My conclusions: The gauge they give is
in RIBBING! It inconveniently coincides with the gauge on the label for stocking sitch. How do they figure that eh? So I knit a fair bit, thought it was way too small, checked the gauge on the
pattern, and discovered that I will never achieve it. So now it's just hanging around, occupying
my number 3 needles. Yargh. I am seriously tempted to donate it to you, Thrace, so you can take this litle burden off my shoulders. Or maybe I'll change my mind when warmer weather approaches and I get tired of handling wool.

2. The stupid freakin' baby blanket mentioned below, ripped out and restarted as a Kiri.
I hate it. Why do SOME people have TWINS when I'm so freakin' busy? Yargh. I'm about 2/3 of the way there, and my main incentive to finish is to free up my US6 needles for a future project (See below).

3. A diamond trellis lace shawl, my own design, in a yarn I love (handpaintedyarn.com's lace pure wool, color little lovely). This one is pretty fun to knit, and I want to submit the pattern when it's all done to the Anti-Craft. I hope they'll dig it, but I haven't heard anything about my previous submission yet, so who knows.

Future Knitting:
1. A portion of another baby blanket. Yargh. If anyone else gets pregnant, I will scream. Or go to Baby Gap instead of knitting. Or scream at Baby Gap. You get the picture. (Note: this does not apply to you, Thrace. Feel free to have children, to get our mother off my back about having grandkids. But you won't get any knitted gifts :). )

2. Ragna. I recently aquired Lavold's Viking book, and I adore it. Most of all, I love Ragna, so I will make it for my dear sweet husband, who has been tolerating the accumulation of yarn admirably.

3. Menja from Lavold's designer collection book 1. I think it's the cutest sweater EVER and I HAVE to have it. The yarn is already waiting for me to free up those US6 needles! Yargh.

4. My congragulatory/depression yarn gift to myself is a bunch of Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies. I am torn between a lacy/cabled zippered cardigan with a wide collar in VK Holiday 2005 and a leafy lace shawl (made from cashmere! yargh) in VK fall 2005. Votes please....

I'll post pictures as soon as I get less swamped, I promise. Shame on me, I am a very bad blogger.



thraceknits said...

Kids - not bloody likely to happen anytime soon. I've had my fill of infants, toddlers and people talking incessantly about their children after this trip. Meh.

The twin's sweaters are almost done, so at least they'll get something new from us.

IvanovaKnits said...


I've finally reached the edging on
bb #2. So it'll be done in a week. Yay!