Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally, some pictures!

On the bottom are two of the three body pieces re-knit with the tubular bind-off for double rib and on top, the original cast-on. I don't know if you can see much of a difference in the photo: I think the tubular bind-off looks tidier with ribbing and it is nice and stretchy.

Now on to FO, which is on it's way to it's new home. Here's the stole, unblocked:


And the customary self-portrait:


Estonian Garden stole (larger size)


Lacey Lamb knit on US 5 needles



This was a fun project, once I got used to dealing with such a thin yarn (and the relative largeness of the needles).

This is also the time of year to start on (more) gift knitting for winter holidays - I ordered some Gloss from the new KnitPicks fall line and some of the alpaca lace weight. Haven't tried the new needles yet.


IvanovaKnits said...

Nice pictures!
Do I sense a theme here... purple, burgundy... What colors of gloss and
alpaca cloud did you get? I think the Fiddlesticks Lotus Blossom shawl would work quite well in the gloss. You will have to share how well that knits up.



thraceknits said...

Yeah, I like me some purple. The gifts are being knit in Tidal Pool and Woodland Sage (really pretty colour). I'll have photos up really soon.