Thursday, September 14, 2006

Greetings from far far away...

So I've made it! I am now living overseas, in a smallish town in Germany with approximately 4 (!)
yarn stores! Unfortunately, none of them are particularly large, and they each only carry one or two brands of yarn. So comparative shopping will be challenging, and none of the north american
'standards' are available. No Brown Sheep, Mission Falls, Cascade, Noro (okay I know it's Japanese, but you know what I mean) and there's also no Rowan. So I guess I'll be e-baying it for the time being anyways.

Have any of you cats checked out the latest Knitty? I love it! What a refreshing change, lots of nice-looking wearable sweaters! I particularly like the look of Ivy, but I think I'm too clumsy and graceless to wear those wrap-styled sweaters. I tried it once in a store... and it wasn't pretty.
I also like the idea of cactus flower, but I'm not the biggest fan of turtlenecks or pullovers. But still, it gives me ideas, and that's the really important part. I can just see it, black worsted
weight wool coupled with a BRIGHT red or ice blue laceweight, to give it that hint of a contrast
halo... I think that the 3/4 sleeved cropped wool stockinette jacket in VK Holiday 2005 wood look great with it. And the collar could be made out of only the laceweight, maybe lacey... or not! I have way too much to do these days... But I am making decent progress on the original sweater discussed in previous posts. I have one back, half a front, and one sleeve so I'm definitely over the hump. I just can't wait till it's done, I just have to hunt for perfect medieval-style buttons, round and metallic. Anyone know german for 'button'?

I know I should be posting pictures of this very pretty town, and I promise I'll do it soon, but for the time being I'm posting a picture I took of the sky somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on the plane ride over. Pretty convection rolls, huh? Guess I'm just a big science nerd. But on the topic of science nerds and specifically science fiction nerds, I am now making this site's first sci-fi comment. I've been watching the latest season of Stargate SG-1 and is it just me, or does Michael Shanks (actor who plays Daniel Jackson) perpetually look like he's been smacked in the face with a frying pan !!??



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