Sunday, February 25, 2007

Piece by piece

Eva is coming together. I'm nearly done the shawl collar, and the sleeves are blocking as you can see here.
I can't wait to try it on! I can probably finish the collar tonight if I don't go to the pub for the weekly game of darts. If I do go to the pub, I'll start swatching this
for the next sweater sketched in an earlier post. It's Rowanspun DK, color goblin. I dig the name, and I really don't wear any green, so I figure it's time to start! I figure it'll be a woodsy and rustic cardi (like ALL of my self-designed cardis ?). And this time I'll be smart at BLOCK my gauge swatch before doing the math... it's funny how these little things can make a big difference. I was lazy when I made Ingrid, and didn't block the swatch. It came out 2 inches too wide (yikes!) so I gave her to my mom. I don't want to give her all my sweaters because I need some, so I'll take the time and do this right.

Now for the late urban decay Saturday, this is a graffitied house on the main drag.
It's difficult to tell that it's actually inhabited (it is, I saw a light on in one of the windows). I wonder why so many graffitti artists converged on this building, it's not run down or anything. And, being the 'Oscar the Grouch' that I am, I think it would be pretty cool to live there!


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