Thursday, February 08, 2007

A resolution

It's the KFYS year, and a bunch of stuff in the stash had intended projects that didn't work out as planned (stupid gauge swatches!) so instead of drooling over other people's yarn on the internet - a major source of yarn spending for me - I will instead flash my own stash with the project ideas that accompanied the purchase, and the revised decisions about the project(s). I have enough things on the needles, however, so this will have to wait a couple of weeks, until I clear some things out of the knitting basket. I did, however, wind another ball of the blue tweed because the front's coming along, and I have noticed also that wound balls photograph better than yarn in hanks. I wonder why that is... I also wonder why my photos of knitwear suck so badly, when I'm not that bad of a photographer, and my camera is pretty decent (last year's Nikon Coolpix).
So my first photo is an attempt to accurately capture the blue tweed yarn's beauty in a digital
I think I finally did it! The colors are accurate. I LOVE this stuff, and can't wait to break into this new ball. I wonder what I'll do with the leftovers... I estimate 3 hanks (of about 90 yards) will remain. I guess they'll live in the stash until I have enough leftover aran weight yarn to do something interesting with.

Here's a "snowy trees" shot to prove that I can take allright pictures!
It's been snowing and snowing and snowing over here. I love it - it's so pretty and I missed the snow when I went home for Christmas. It was my first green Christmas ever! Stupid global warming! Time to buy some polyester blouses I guess, according to a study done at Cambridge University on carbon emissions and fashion. But now it's cold, so I need sweaters!
This one's just for fun - it's the snow streaming past the neighbour's stable using a slow shutter speed. If you look really closely, you can see some horseshoes on the upper doors/windows(?).
I know, you're thinking "stable ?". Well, I figure this neighbourhood was built between the 20's and 40's, by the style of the buildings - art-deco-ish, and this *was* the boondocks of the town, and some people still had horses then, so there you go.


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