Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some late u.d. and a sweater in progress

Here's a view of the old town wall.
I figure it was built during or after the Thirty-Years War, which would put it's construction somewhere around the 17th-18th century. Some houses were incorporated into the wall, like the one to the right, where the residents served as guards of a sort. The building on the right is still used as an actual house, and one of the residents was sitting on a lawn chair when I took these pictures.

Now others built there houses into the wall to save on bricks and stones, like the one on the left! I think that's pretty cheapskate and decayed ;). Here's a closeup.
Now this building is the only Mexican restaurant in town, and it's pretty good, just don't expect anything to be particularly fiery, like real Mexican food (no Tacos al Pastor on the menu) or even like some Tex-Mex, but I still like it! Here's the side view.
Now for the wip update. I finished one half of the lace and cables capelet, up to the part where it will be joined to the yoke. Not bad for a night's knitting! I am also nearly done the right half of Eva, and started blocking the pieces. Here's the back blocking, and sitting in the remains of today's sunlight.
I'm blocking early because I don't want the seaming and knitting of button bands and collar to take forever! I'm also blocking Shedir, and I have to say it's hard to stretch out a hat! I need to buy a bowl about the size of my head... And I definitely have to get the Vining Knits Collection Volume 2, recently completed by Elsebeth Lavold, check it out here. I love it! As soon as I found out about it, I checked internet retailers, and my only positive hit was an Ebay merchant in the US, where the postage alone is half the price of the book! I guess it'll have to wait till Christmas, so either some UK retailers will carry it (guess where I've been doing my online yarn/pattern/equipment shopping and browsing) or I can have it sent to my dad's house in time to get it when I visit.


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tiennie said...

Those cables are really beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished project!