Sunday, April 29, 2007

Celtic Knot Project Installment #4

Hearts and Loops

I knitted up three separate panels containing hears and left and right facing loop knots in this swatch. The central panel was illustrated in Sheila Sturrock's Celtic Knotwork Handbook, and I made panels of only left facing and right facing loop knots to go with it. They would be nice for symmetry purposes, on the right and left sides of a garment, for example. The central panel would be nice as a stand-alone panel, or put all three together - it's up to you! The chart is below: The chart is below:

Notes on the charts:

-To knit the hearts with right facing loop knots (on the left of the swatch), start with the set-up rows a.k.a. the upoward facing hearts, rows O1-O18, knit rows 1-22 twice, and then knit the finish rows a.k.a. the downward facing hearts, rows F1-F16.
-To knit the hearts with left facing loop knots (on the right of the swatch), follow the instructions above, but use the other chart.
-To knit the hearts with alternate left and right facing loop knots, start with the set-up rows for the hearts (they are the same for both charts), knit rows 1-22 once of the left facing chart, then knit rows 1-22 once of the right facing chart, then finish with the finishing rows, they are identical in both charts.
Also note that you can knit rows 1-22 as many times as you like, and the set-up and finishing heats can be omitted if you prefer.



Britt said...
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Britt said...

Thanks for the cool cable pattern! I made it into a baby blanket.

The chart was easy to read, the cable was fun to do, and the result was very pretty!

(Sorry about the previous post... should have previewed to check the link.)