Friday, December 01, 2006

Future project ideas...

Do I really need more of them? Well, here goes...
I got VK holiday 2006 and I thought quite a few of the patterns and designs were very lovely. Here is the one I liked the best for inspiration.

Very pretty, but VERY WHITE. And, I'm not the Christmas present, so I'd lose the ribbons. And I'd make it longer, because I NEVER wear cropped tops, and probably never will. And I'd make it long sleeved. And I'd probably change the stitch patterns... but still... I like it!

Now for this one... it REALLY p*ss$d me off.

It's pretty and sophisticated, could easily be a professional work-type sweater if done in the right color (i.e. not lavender). Flattering, and fitted, all of these things are good things. The BAD thing? The SIZING is for x-small, small and MEDIUM!
No Large, no extra... clearly discriminatory. But to make matters worse, the finished
garment dimension for MEDIUM is 35inches. YES YOU HEARD ME, A MEDIUM PERSON WOULD HAVE TO HAVE A SMALLER THAN 35 INCH BUST TO WEAR THIS TOP. I'm sorry, that is NOT A MEDIUM THAT IS A SMALL. This makes me really hopping mad. REALLY MAD. So upset, in fact, that I am thinking of reworking this design with different cable panels and maybe distributing it freely to the world. Wanna look as slick as this girl? DOn't buy VK, get this free patten instead. And there will be NO XXS, XS or S. The true medium will assume a bust of 36 inches, so the finished garment bust will be probably 37 or 38 inches depending on ease. Geez I'm mad. Do me a favour, people in blogland.
Send VK a nasty email. Since when does a medium size (by average store standards) have a finished bust of less than 36 inches.


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