Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not that social

Since it's the holidays and there's very little snow in the mountains, I'm spending some quality time at one of my favorite places in SLC.

The above WIP is a neck warmer/smoke ring/wimple thingie (we'll see how far I get), based loosely on this pattern, that I'm making for the annual SnB exchange. It's to be done anonymously with unmarked paper bags and all, so I'm OK with posting this (also, I really don't think anyone from the group reads this blog). I'll explain the pattern when I'm done.

While I rarely do knit-alongs, exchanges or other group fiber-related events, a short and easy project was just the ticket to rest my brain this week.

I also picked this up at lunch. They have an article on fiber representations of curved surfaces and other mathematical objects, which was also featured here.

Finally, I wonder if I should make this for my favorite South Park fan for next year?

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