Saturday, December 16, 2006

Urban Decay Saturday

What better thing to follow up "Eye Candy Friday", eh? Well here it is...

I pass by this graffitied wall every Saturday on my way to and from shopping in the market square, and I only recently found out what it meant. In German, it says
"die welte weist bei Baerenmoerdern" (I corrected the word "weist" from the graffitti). I believe the intended meaning (poor grammar aside) is "the world points at bear murderers", in reference to this story. You can read another version here.
Pretty funny graffitti, I think.

Now for some non-urban decay pics, here is Trellis unblocked.

I'll block it tonight,so it can be packed up on Monday all nice and dry (I hope!). I am also sweating bullets over the mittens I have to complete, I guess I'll have to knit like a maniac in the next few days! Eeep!

Nice project choice Delenn! If you think wool won't bother you in a jackety/sweatery garment, why not get some Kilcarra of Donegal Irish tweed from my favourite E-Bay source? Decent price, great yardage, and now more colors to choose from! I salivate over this yarn. Or you could search on E-Bay for Rowanspun Aran, a discontinued tweed
for which you can find pretty good deals.



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