Sunday, December 31, 2006

A late Urban Decay Saturday

Well, first let's say a big hello to our newest collaborator, Tasha Yar (yarknits)! Hello! Now this is the last Saturday of the year, so I figured I'd post something seasonal. I visited my inlaws, and was told about a great nativity scene set up downtown, so I took a swing by and took some photos. Dig the non-traditional colors on Mary and Joseph. Also note that the baby doll depicting Jesus is under plexiglass - very urban decay! And if you look real close, you can see that someone stuck some gum on the right side of Joseph's head... also quite urban decay.

Now, as I'm sure you can all guess, I took a swing by my old LYS - I really miss seeing many brands of yarn in one place! I aquired some new yarn, and got a lovely yarn gift, so here are some pics. First: some Harris Tweed from Rowan in a fuschia-ish color. I don't know the name, and it was difficult to photograph well. This is meant for Shedir from the Fall 2004 Knitty surprise issue, but I got sock weight by accident. I figure I can make it if I hold it doubled, and omit some repeats like Eunny did, I think she used a DK weight yarn. Or I can beg a North American to send me an extra ball, or I could Ebay it. We'll see...
Now Delenn gave a truly fabulous gift, 2 hanks of Hand Maiden Silk Cashmere. Truly luxurious, the first thought that ran through my head was Evelyn Clarke's Swallow Tail Shawl from the Fall 2006 IK, or maybe the Trellis scarf that Thrace just finished... we'll see. I promise to take better photos of this yarn when I cast on!

Also, I finally cast off the back of the blue tweed cabled number I've not been working on this Holiday season. I finished Delenn't mitts (she had better post photos - prod prod) so I managed to finish off the back one evening. I have also cast on for the sleeves, which I hope will see major progress on the plane ride home.
My final yarn purchase was more Noro Silk Garden in the same dye lot, to make Siv in the near future, from one of Lavold's Viking Collection books. I will have to work out the math because NSG is aran weight and Lavold Silky wool is DK weight, but I know it can be done and look fabulous becase Carter has already done it. It will be a twin-set of sorts... I LOVE twin sets, even non-traditional ones. I splurged because Noro anything is cheaper in North America, and the quality of the spinning seems to be better, but I will report on that in full, when I get around to casting on for it. Now I'm ready for 2007, the year of knitting from one's stash according to Wendy of Wendyknits. Happy New Year!


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