Saturday, January 27, 2007

I knew Shedir would be tough...

with the biggish yarn (DK weight) on tiny (US 3, 3mm) needles, but I had no idea it would break my cable needle! Snapped, clean in 2 pieces! Here's a photo of the offender.
The yarn is Alice Starmore Hebridean 3 ply color Erica. I purchased it from her website. I must say (and I am in no way affiliated with the yarn company) that this is the nicest wool that I have EVER used. Soft feel, gorgeous color, good twist and tightly plied. I find that yarns ALWAYS split on my needles, especially on wood or bamboo. Not this stuff! It's knits well, shows texture nicely and is tweedy to boot. What could be better?

I am sad about the snapped cable needle, though. It was a nice wooden one, from a Knitpicks set. I'll have to wait till I go back to North America to replace it, I guess. I already lost another one of the three on a plane, and I was bummed about that too. I spent the afternoon looking for a suitable replacement at the LYS, and they didn't have any teeny tiny dpns (for fingers of gloves) at the store, so I got one of those awful big bent metal contraptions. I guess I'll have to ebay Addi Turbo products to get a set of small DPNs.



thraceknits said...

After mucking about with cable needles, I did most of mine without them. Much easier that way.

IvanovaKnits said...

I tried it out a couple of times without one, and multiple stitches would pop off my right needle. I prefer using a cable needle even though it's slower, but a short wooden one is much less clumsy than a big bent metal thing.