Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arrowhead lace

This is the neck warmer/smoke ring/wimple thingie that I knit for the arrowhead lace exchange. I didn't model the smoke ring because I have a cold and didn't want to contaminate it with my germs after washing it.

Caryll McConnell's Wavy Feathers Wimple.


One skein Madil Kid Seta from the stash Ivanova gave me, worked on a 16 inch US 4 (3.5 mm) needle.


Since the exchange called for arrowhead lace or little arrowhead lace, I rewrote Caryll McConnell's pattern as follows:

I cast on [ (6 * 4 + 1 + 3) * 5 = ] 140 stitches, joined to knit in the round and knit garter stitch edging as directed. Then instead of knitting the feathers pattern, I knit [3 stitches stockinette, then 4 repeats of little arrowhead (6 stitches / repeat + 1) lace] * 5 per round until the piece reached about 14 - 14.5 inches (don't remember the length exactly) then I finished as directed. This used up pretty much the entire skein.

When blocking, I was most concerned with getting the length to 16 inches, which was fairly easy. I didn't attempt to stretch the lace widthwise. The smoke ring turned out to be light and airy, probably best suited to spring, fall and warmer winter days.

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