Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ugh! I HATE finishing!

So I haven't posted about Menja in a while. Last I posted, I had completed all of the pieces, and had seamed most of them. There was just one hitch - the collar was several inches longer than the neckline! Well, I plowed through, and gathered it slightly and evenly all of the way around, and I got it sewn in. Upon trying it on, I realised that the collar succumbs to gravity, and pulls the seam down, exposing reverse stockinette all around the neckline! Also I noticed that one of my sleeve seams was cr*p, and the cables didn't line up at the cuff. So today I fixed the seam, and I'm re-blocking to make a fold in the collar that will hopefully stand up to gravity. The collar HAS to be right - it's the central feature in this design! Here's some pics:
The hemline also rolled, but once it was wet that stopped. It looks so beautiful, I can't wait to wear it!
Here are all of the pins trying to force a fold where one dosen't exist. If this dosen't work, I will try tacking the collar down with a few stitches here and there, and if that dosen't work, I am going to rip the collar and re-knit it with US4 needles. Then it will DEFINITELY be smaller. But that will also take time... and I'm feeling serious cable angst. Must have cabled sweaters!
I gave away the purple one to my mom, who then had it stolen from her bymy grandmother (what can I say - everyone loves that sweater!) and I still have to complete 2.8 pieces on the tweed/noro cabled number. I want one so much, I tried one on at a sale rack while I was shopping yesterday. The price was right - 25 euros - the same price as the on sale towel I had just bought, but it made my butt look a mile wide. I know, commercial knitwear hissssss, but I'm cold! And my favourite wool sweater (also commercial knitwear) gifted to me by my DH in the first year of our relationship (how many years ago... 5?) is seriously starting to pill. Sigh...

On the other projects front, I have completed 2 more inches of the blue tweed/noro number and I have decided to rip back one pattern repeat of my mystery project because it's longer than I had expected. It will be tricky with the tiny yarn and lacey pattern, but I'm willing to start over if I have to, because it has to be PERFECT! Oh the woes of being a perfectionist...


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